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What is Website Retargeting - Tag Management System?

Digital Marketing SolutionWhat is Website Retargeting - Tag Management System?

Website Retargeting - Tag Management System employs various tools to register your digital footprint on third-party software. Every prospect and visitor interested in your website will be tagged once it has been visited. From that point, your custom branded ads are being displayed while they are surfing internet which results in promoting your expertise and services.

Why Subscribe for Website Retargeting - Tag Management System?

Many of the first-time website visitors could potentially be your future clients. By activating the tag management system, your digital branded banners follow your visitors anywhere across the internet constantly reminding them of your real estate services. Being exposed to your name, brand and services makes your first-time website visitor your future to be client.

How System works?

  • A custom code is being generated and placed on all pages of your website.
  • Once the system captures around 200 unique visitors, your campaign will begin.
  • The website visitor computer is being tagged when visitors are browsing your website.
  • After visiting your website, digitally tagged web visitors see your ad repeatedly and randomly while they are browsing any web page which contains advertising spaces. Regular display of your branded advertisement reminds them of your professional services.
  • This improves the chance of your website to be visited repeatedly by the tagged visitor. Consequently, it brings more leads to your website.

Where Ads Show up?

Your ads appear on Google’s entire display network such as Here is the list of few other networks: Google Ad Exchange Yahoo! Ad Exchange Microsoft Ad Exchange
Twitter LinkedIn Corporation United Internet Media OpenX
And extra

How much Subscription for Website Retargeting - Tag Management System Cost?

Current Website Package Clients: $100.00 Setup fee + $39.00/Month
Website Retargeting Clients: $200.00 Setup fee + $39.00/Month

Ad sizes:
Custom banner dimensions are:

  • 300px X 250px
  • 728px X 90px
  • 160px X 600px

What Services Receiving?

  • - No Contract. The Website Retargeting - Tag Management Service can be cancelled at any time. Any charges for the month of cancellation will be pro-rated.
  • - The setup fee covers the cost of custom design of three separate banner ads with the dimensions of (300 X 250px, 728 X 90px, 160 X 600px).
  • - *$39/Month is covering the expense of 100 to 300 unique visitors each month.
  • *Monthly fee is subject to change in some cases like raising the number of unique visitors. You will be informed in advance.

$39.00 per month | $100.00 setup fee

$39.00 per month | $200.00 setup fee

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